London Curriculum

Have you heard of the London Curriculum ?
I hadn't until a few hours ago...

A conversation with a colleague at the GA Conference today led me to the project, which is designed to support the National Curriculum.

We are using London itself to inspire new key stage three resources and activities in the capital’s schools. The Mayor of London’s Education Inquiry recognised the huge opportunity to enrich and strengthen education in London, by drawing on the city’s rich heritage. We are now entering the pilot phase of the London Curriculum, scroll down to find out how you can take part!
You can find the London Curriculum guide and subject summaries for English, art and design, music, history and geography at the bottom of this page.
The London Curriculum will support the new National Curriculum, while helping young Londoners to better understand and engage with their city. The London Curriculum aims to improve:
  • Subject knowledge and skills – helping teachers bring subjects to life by making illustrative and inspiring connections to the city, its people, places and heritage.
  • City knowledge and skills – helping London students to become experts in the places, people and events that shape their city.
  • Connection and contribution – helping students connect with London and other Londoners, to make more of the opportunities and help shape their city for the better.
The teaching resources are being developed by a partnership of subject specialists, cultural and heritage organisations and London schools, to support learning in and out of the classroom.

How will the pilot work?

We are currently developing the London Curriculum resources with around 30 pilot schools in London, before they launch for all schools in June 2014, ready for the new school year. At present the materials are aimed at Key Stage 3 and cover English, history, geography, music and art. You can find more detail in the guides at the bottom of the page.
London Curriculum pilot schools all over the city are enjoying inspiring educational opportunities inside and outside the classroom based on the resources we are developing. Their pupils are discovering the rich architecture of the city, exploring London's global heritage from the Roman times to the present day and learning about musicians inspired by the capital, from Handel, to the Kinks and Dizzee Rascal. 
Head to the WEBSITE page, scroll down to see the link to the GEOGRAPHY DOCUMENT (PDF)

The project will be launched in June / July ready for use in the September 2014

I wonder whether schools in cities other than London might want to develop something similar for their own locations too, based on the structure used here...