New GCSE Geography Subject Content

Published today by the DfE - new guidance on Subject Content for GCSE Geography.
Click here for PDF download.

Some interesting clarification on content, use of GIS, nature of FIELDWORK etc.

This includes the loss of Controlled Assessment as fieldwork is assessed 'through examination only'

There is mention of GIS to be used for certain tasks, and also guidance on the use of statistical techniques.
Some interesting physical and human geography also emerging.
I quite like the focus on urban challenges, something I've written about before...

Download the document and have a look yourself...

It's what you'll be teaching in a few years' time...

From statement by Michael Gove:

In geography, the balance between physical and human geography has been improved - developing students’ locational and contextual knowledge of the world’s continents, countries and regions and their physical, environmental and human features - alongside a requirement that all students study the geography of the UK in depth. Students will also need to use a wide range of investigative skills and approaches, including mathematics and statistics, and we have introduced a requirement for at least 2 examples of fieldwork outside school.

And this is important as it's the guidance to those who will be writing the new GCSE specifications:

When designing specifications, awarding organisations should note the following ways in which curriculum emphases should progress from KS3 and ensure that specifications facilitate this: 
 broadening and deepening understanding of locational contexts, including greater awareness of the importance of scale and the concept of global 
 a greater emphasis given to process studies that lead to an understanding of change 
 a greater stress on the multivariate nature of 'human-physical' relationships and interactions 
 a stronger focus on forming generalisations and/or abstractions, including some awareness of theoretical perspectives and of the subject’s conceptual frameworks 
 an increased involvement of students in planning and undertaking independent enquiry in which skills and knowledge are applied to investigate geographical questions 
 enhancing competence in a range of intellectual and communication skills, including the formulation of arguments, that include elements of synthesis and evaluation of material