Preparing for GA Conference - next week !

Spent part of today finalising one of my many and varied contributions to the GA Conference 2014.

I'll be talking about literacy with respect to the work we did in my department around the Scholastic edition of the book 'Touching the Void'.

Here's the description of the workshop which it forms part of, which is being led by Gary Dawson, a fine teacher and colleague on the GA's Secondary committee.

Thanks to Tony Cassidy for some contributions that he's made, and various other folks on Twitter who I'll thank in full when I write-up the outcomes from the workshop at the end of next week. I shall be sharing all the resources, including the presentation once it has been presented.

Also don't forget to pick up a copy of our special MISSION:EXPLORE missions for the conference if you are coming along.

See you at the Conference - come and say hi if you see me around...
And don't forger the BEERMEET on the Tuesday evening