Free Leeds CPD event

Information about a free day of CPD at Leeds University

Teachers’ Conference: ‘Climate Change and Society’ 
Geography – Economics - Environmental Studies 
Tuesday 24th June 2014 
School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds 

Do you teach Geography, Economics or Environmental Studies? If so, why not join us for this climate change themed CPD event? This is a chance to hear talks and take part in discussions around cutting edge subjects relevant to the curriculum, with presenters who are leaders in their field. In addition, you will find out about some of the less obvious - but perhaps more interesting - options for students who are considering university, and meet other teachers from related disciplines.
The event is FREE, with lunch and refreshments included! 

9:30 Registration and refreshments
10:00 Introduction
10:15 ‘The more we buy, the more our emissions increase!’ Prof John Barrett
11:30 ‘Big business is trying to make us go green at home’ Prof William Young
12:45 Buffet Lunch
13:45 ‘Africa & climate change: How it is helping itself’ Prof Andy Dougill
15:00 ‘Do Your Students Want to Change the World?' Dr Lucie Middlemiss
16:00 End

About the Seminars
The more we buy, the more our emissions go up
Prof John Barrett (Professor of Sustainability Research)
In the Sustainability Research Institute we have developed approaches to understand the Greenhouse Gas emissions associated with every product we buy, wherever they were produced. These emissions have continued to increase at a worrying rate. The presentation explores how the economy and society needs to change to ensure a high quality of life for all while addressing the issue of climate change.

Big business is trying to make us go green at home
Prof William Young (Professor of Sustainability & Business)
Companies are taking over the role from government and local authorities in trying to change
householders’ behaviour and habits to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This not only includes influencing what we buy in shops but how we travel, how we use and throw away products as well as our social practices such as how long we stay in showers and what temperature we set our washing machines. This interactive workshop will look at the reasons companies are interested in changing householder environmental behaviour, how they are doing it and if it is working.

Africa and climate change: How it is helping itself
Prof Andy Dougill (Professor of Environmental Sustainability)
As an internationally-leading climate change research centre, Leeds is working with universities,
governments, NGO’s, private companies and community groups from across 30 African countries. Our work focuses on routes for ensuring ‘climate compatible development’ pathways and how best to ensure that different groups can work together to allow climate change information to be shared openly and linked to direct decisions required of project managers, policy makers and ultimately rural communities. This overview lecture will present the latest findings from 3 major research programmes and will provide resources around decision-making challenges being faced by international NGOs, national governments and project managers in sub-Saharan Africa.

‘Do your students want to change the world?'
Dr Lucie Middlemiss (Admissions Tutor and Lecturer in Sustainability)
Students studying Geography, Economics or Politics at A level are often unaware of the less obvious, but more exciting, opportunities at degree level. In this session, led by our admissions tutor and one of our top students, we will show what’s involved in our environment-related degree programmes, and you will hear about the student experience ‘from the horse’s mouth’.

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Looks like being a great day !