Game of Thrones - tourism and industry case study

"Winter is coming...."

I've blogged previously about the TV series 'Game of Thrones' and its impact on the places where the main filming takes place.
Game of Thrones takes place in a fictional land called WESTEROS. I've got a big map of the area in my classroom
The Guardian recently had a useful article on the impact on the local area of the filming of the series in Northern Ireland, near Belfast. This has created many jobs. In fact, I even picked up a tweet from a teacher recently whose textiles teacher was resigning because she had a new job making the costumes for the show.

There is also the TOURIST element that goes along with this, with people wanting to visit the locations on the programme. New Zealand benefits hugely from the Lord of the Rings / Hobbit movies filming in the country, for example...

This site has a series of downloadable itineraries for driving tours of some of the locations in Northern Ireland, for example.

Other scenes are set in Iceland & Croatia.
Similar benefits are in place for these countries too.
Here's an Icelandair package aimed at Americans, for example...

Image: Thingvellir, Iceland - by Alan Parkinson

Check out this INTERACTIVE MAP which has spoilers for those who haven't seen the show. Of course the actual programme is unsuitable for anyone of school age, but that doesn't mean that students at GCSE or 'A' level (or younger) haven't a) been aware of it, and b) actually watched it.

A possible new addition for tertiary industry - one that I might work up into a new case study....

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