Global Village

I'm working on a range of projects at the moment, as we hurtle towards the summer at a crazy pace.
One of them is preparing for two Global Learning Programme CPD events, which I recently reminded you of the dates for. (June in London and July in York)
These will involve the creation of a new Scheme of Work for the new KS3 Curriculum 2014 from September

This will be called 'Global Village' and will aim to cover some of the key elements of the Global Learning Programme as well as some of the sections in the new Curriculum 2014 documents

Delegates will get the chance to see some new tools and then put them to use to help co-construct the curriculum with me on the day, so that it's ready by the time we leave...

Here's the skeleton of the unit - if you fancy fleshing this out and learning a lot about new tools and spending a day in a nice location in London or York then head to the Global Learning Programme website and sign up or contact Lucy Oxley at the Geographical Association.