Learning and Leading - an opportunity...

Thanks to Charlie from the RGS for getting in touch about an opportunity for a few teachers this summer.

The Learning and Leading programme contains four programme ‘strands’: the Summer School, aimed at improving fieldwork skills for A-Level geography students; the Gap Scholar programme, which gives grants to students to enable them to have a meaningful gap year overseas; the Field Apprenticeship, which gives first year undergraduates the opportunity and resources to take part in an overseas research project with an academic from their university and the Teachers’ Masterclass, which gives training to GCSE and A-Level geography teachers to help improve their fieldwork teaching and learn new techniques for running local and affordable geography fieldtrips. 

All four strands are aimed at students from maintained schools who have experienced challenging circumstances and teachers from maintained and under-resourced or challenged schools.

It is specifically the Teachers’ Masterclass that has the opportunity that I mentioned in the title of the post. There are a few remaining places on the July course (18th – 20th July, in Yorkshire - at the Cranedale Centre), which the RGS are looking to fill. 

Download the FLYER from the website for more details, and Charlie's contact details HERE.

A colleague of mine who was in my department when I was HoD took part in the scheme and found it a really valuable and useful experience. She can be seen briefly in the photo stories on the site.

And who wouldn't want to spend a few days in God's own country :)