6 degrees of warming (cont.) - 3 degrees today

3 degrees
A three degree change marks a shift
With temperatures hot, not warm.
Summer heat waves could engulf Britain
And quickly become the norm.

The tourist trail may start to shift; 
Britons won’t go overseas.
Instead, Europe may come to join us
In the hope of a cooling sea breeze.

For the Mediterranean may become
Parched, scorched and bare
‘Stay away!’ will be the message
No tourist hot spot there.

Jobs may be aplenty
As tourist Britain grows
Inland at cultured Cambridge
Or on the Costa Del Felixstowe.

Yet this comes with a warning
For with a rise of three degrees
We only need to cast our minds back
To summer 2003.

Paris was in turmoil
It simmered and it fried
Thousands of the old and infirm
Could not cope and died.

Britain would need to respond and adapt
As these changes are unfurled
For perhaps we saw a window

Into our future world.

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Copyright: Mark Cowan