6 degrees of warming (finished) - 6 degrees

The final in a series of posts which have explored the poem which Mark Cowan wrote for a Teachers TV programme on Climate Change that I was involved with the creation of.

Six Degrees
At six degrees the prospects look bleak
But what will be Britain’s fate?
Will the land be just be too dry
Or priceless real estate?
Natural disasters
Could strike fear to the heart
Of boiling point Britain

Slowly blown apart.

Finally, here's the programme itself for those who have been following all the blog posts. Use the search function top left to find the previous ones.

Followed by the final verse of Mark's poem:

If changes happen gradually
It’s easy to forget
A Britain that was mild in Summer
And in Winter cold and wet.

For we sit like a frog in water
We sit here and we wait
Sitting in our warming tank
Oblivious and sedate.

Climate Change spells controversy.
Can we conquer our addiction to oil?
Or like the frog will we sit and wait?
Will we slowly heat up and boil?

These are mere predictions.
Who knows how the world will cope?
We have to approach our climate challenge
With cheerfulness and hope.

One thing is clear, whatever the shift,
Whatever the temperature range
Britain looks set for transformation

Under the label of climate change.  

Poem: Copyright Mark F Cowan (2009)

A reminder that Mark's book of Geography Poetry is still available HERE.