Do you teach Edexcel 'A' level ?

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From Jon Wolton, the Subject Adviser for Edexcel.
We are looking to speak with centres currently teaching GCE Geography specifications as part of our research into the re-development of AS and A levels in Geography for first teaching in September 2016.
If you currently teach AS/A level Geography and can spare approximately 45-60 minutes to speak to a member of the Pearson Geography qualifications team, then please complete this survey which outlines available dates for a telephone call in August. It doesn't matter if you teach the Edexcel specification or not, we would like to involve as many teachers as we can in our research.
As a thank you for your time we would like to offer an Amazon voucher worth £20.
Please note that we will work on a first come, first served basis in terms of opportunities to get involved.
The DfE is consulting on the proposed subject content for AS and A level Geography from 2016 and the full content consultation can be found here and it will close on 19th September. I would encourage you to have your say.

Key areas
60% of the qualification on four specified core themes common to all A level specifications:
• Physical - Water and carbon cycles; Landscape systems; (a minimum of one core theme for AS level)
• Human - Global systems and global governance; Changing place/changing places (a minimum of one core theme for AS level),
40% of the qualification on non-core content chosen by the exam board that maintains the overall balance between human and physical geography and at least half of which addresses people-environment questions and issues, a balance of quantitative and qualitative methods and skills,
fieldwork to be assessed within one independent student investigation (see Ofqual consultation below) and within appropriate exam questions for A level only, fieldwork to be assessed by exam only for AS level.
Ofqual is consulting on its assessment arrangements for Geography and the consultation can be found here. It will close on 22nd September. Again, I would encourage you to have your say.

Key areas
exam only assessment (including that of fieldwork) for AS level,
20% weighing on a non-exam assessment of fieldwork for A level, marked by teachers and moderated by exam boards,
Assessment objectives specify more clearly than the current ones the abilities required in the subject. The proposed ranges are narrower than those in the current assessment objectives for greater comparability between specifications.
You may have followed that the A level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB) was set up to provide advice to the DfE and Ofqual on the content of new GCE Geography qualifications. ALCAB has published the report from its geography panel.
All the best and have a great summer.
Edexcel Geography Advisor