It's our World - are you signed up ?

It's our world is an art / environment project which you need to get signed up for, so that you're ready to get stuck in after (or during) the summer break.

Anyone aged 4 – 19 years is invited to put themselves on the map by creating an artwork to celebrate where they live and uploading it onto the It’s Our World Gallery. The aim is to create the UK’s largest online collection of artwork mapping the British Isles, as seen through the eyes of the nation’s future custodians.
Location is not a barrier to participation as the purpose is to provide a vibrant snapshot of how the nation’s children and young people view the urban, rural or coastal environment in which they live.
There are no limitations on medium or size, as artwork can be uploaded onto the Gallery as scanned image or digital photo.
The uploaded artwork will be showcased in June 2015 on digital ad screens across the UK. The entire collection will be handed over to The UK Web Archives to be stored for the nation.
It’s Our World is mostly being driven through schools and colleges and has been developed to support the national primary and secondary curricula.

IOW 2 from BaylisGray on Vimeo.

Dan Raven Ellison is one of the ambassadors for the project too.... so it must be good :)