London's growth and maps

Working away on several things over the last few days.
Two of them were for the Royal Geographical Society, and related to the idea of cities, specifically the city of LONDON.
I've been asking people in a number of places to say what they would get up to if they only had time to do three things on a visit to London.
I'll be sharing some of the outcomes in a few week's time once the resource has taken shape.
You can see plenty of maps that I've started to collate for the unit on my Pinterest board for the work here. These will then be interrogated and used by students as part of the work that they are doing...

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As part of the work I've also created a timeline on DIPITY.
This allows you to create up to 3 timelines with 150 events for free...

Have I missed any obvious dates of events relevant to mapping ?
Let me know by adding a comment or sending me a tweet.

What would be your three favourite places to visit in London ?
Let me know by adding a comment or sending me a tweet.