Took delivery of this map a few days ago and am looking forward to trying it out in the Norfolk Broads this summer.
One of my (many) summer projects is the creation of some resources on the Norfolk Broads National Park.

The map is from Splashmaps and is made from a special waterproof fabric, which can be written on with a special pen. Stick the map in the washing machine and the routes you've marked on disappear. No more problems folding the map, just scrunch it into your bag. You can also 'wear' the map, or even use it as a sling in an emergency, or a picnic blanket.

How would you make use of a Splashmap ?

The project was originally funded using Kickstarter, as this BBC news item shows... I blogged about that at the time.

Head over to the Splashmaps website to see which areas are covered already.
I also recommend signing up for a free download of the mapping eBook which has some nice ideas about map creation that I'll be using with my Year 7s next year.