'Tijuana' read an article on the Mexican border ?

If so, there was one in the Guardian this week.
I'm currently reading the rather excellent 'Walls' by Marcello di Cintio. It explores a number of boundaries around the world. The chapter on the US-Mexican border is particularly powerful with some fresh perspectives on this contested part of the world, and the boundary that reinforces a divide which wasn't as obvious before 9/11, after which the border patrols became part of Homeland security.

My HoD Claire has written an article for a future issue of 'Teaching Geography', which features some ideas developed from this book. Check my TEACHING BLOG for some further materials that we have used.

Worth seeking out.


Thanks, Alan. Let me know if I can contribute in any way to your class in the future.

Best regards,
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks for getting in touch Marcello.
We would certainly be interested to hear your perspective on the wall and any recent changes in situation at the borders we study. We'll be teaching this again in the new academic year, so may be in touch and work out a way to connect :)
Sounds good, Alan. You can find me on Twitter (@DiCintio), on Facebook ('Walls' has a page), or at my website, marcellodicintio.com.
Alan Parkinson said…
Excellent - I have duly followed (@GeoBlogs), liked and favourited those locations...