We've been preparing some work for Year 8s linked to Marcello di Cintio's book: "Walls" with our Year 8 groups. It's described over on my teaching blog.
It's an exploration of some of the world's divides: those places where two territories rub up against each other. I'm reminded of lyrics from one of my favourite bands: Rush, who I guess Marcello would be familiar with:
They shoot without shame
In the name of a piece of dirt
For a change of accent
Or the color of your shirt
Better the pride that resides
In a citizen of the world
Than the pride that divides
When a colorful rag is unfurled
Lyrcis: Neil Peart

You can find out more about this using a search on Marcello's own website.
Sadly, some of the boundaries that Marcello mentions in his book are currently in the news for sad reasons. The conflict between Israel and its neighbour continues to lead to casualties, in the current conflict with Hamas, which escalated overnight. There has also been debate along the US-Mexican border over Obama's views on what might be best to do with regards to immigration. I also read something last week about the divided city of Nicosia on Cyprus (Daily Mail link)

Finally, I've been toying for some time with buying Alastair Bonnett's latest book, and the American title of the book is preferable to 'Off the Map'.
From this article here on the book, which describes a trip to the town of Baarle, where national borders are rather confusing:

“People think of borders as negative things; it’s often said we want a world without borders,” but Baarle has “made me think true borders aren’t only about exclusion, but also about identity creation. Where in a world without borders could you possibly ever escape to?”

Also watch out for a forthcoming 'Teaching Geography' article written by my HoD on this topic...