Water Crisis in Las Vegas resources

Some excellent new resources on the water crisis in Las Vegas have been created and shared on the GA website by Garry Simmons.

Always good to see resources from new contributors to the GA site.
Here's a blogpost introducing the new resource, with some nice ideas particularly on the skills development which I can see myself making use of in the new academic year.

The American southwest is an important economic and environmental region located in an extremely arid climate zone. The main water resource is the Colorado River which flows from the Rockies down to the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of California. The region is currently in the grip of the worst drought in living memory which could threaten the viability of famous cities like Las Vegas. With the population of the Colorado Basin set to almost double to 77 million by 2060 and a drier climate predicted, does the Southwest have a sustainable future?
The resources on this page, aimed at KS4-P16, offer teachers a way to engage students in a real world geographical dilemma with a range of futures. The format was inspired by the OCR GCSE Sustainable Decision Making Exercise (SMDE) and the Edexcel A level Unit 3 pre-release booklet. There are three main phases students can pass through: the background, the options and the decision. Each phase develops a different set of skills. The resources can be used for both GCSE and A level geography and in a variety of curriculum contexts such as sustainability, water conflicts, extreme environments and human-environment interactions.