Back to School

After a lengthy summer break, largely spent writing, as well as many trips N, S, E and W, it's the night before the start of the Michaelmas term... My 23rd year of teaching, and my 2nd at King's Ely.

I've been into school for three days already for sorting, room preparation and two days of INSET and meetings to get ready for the return of around 1000 students who will have been to all corners of the globe.
As with last year, I shall be sharing what I get up to on the Geography Teacher 2.0 blog.
Feel free to sign up on the right hand side of the home page, and you'll get one e-mail each morning that I add to it, with details of the new content.
This content will include lesson plans, resources, ideas, feedback and reflection on what is an evolving work in progress... There are some new KS3 schemes to teach which are connected to the new KS3 curriculum, some fieldwork at KS3-5 level, and also details of my writing projects and how they turn out in the classroom.

Thanks to all those colleagues past and present who have helped with my return to teaching after a hiatus working for the Geographical Association, and then as a freelance Geographer.

There's still a few uncertainties about other projects that I may be involved in this year - waiting on the EU and other bodies to report on the success or otherwise of grant applications at the moment.

This does however mean I have some Mondays free this coming academic year, so if you have a use for those in your present school or elsewhere then get in touch. Check my planned movements in the right hand column of this blog...