Cruise of the Betsey in the Scottish Parliament

Holiday catch-up post 3

The Betsey Cruise project I mentioned recently was also mentioned in the Scottish Parliament this week.

While in Devon, I managed to find some old(ish) maps showing the area through which 'Leader': the boat being used for the trip is going to follow...

Here's the text from the Scottish Parliament website:

*S4M-10868 Alison Johnstone: Hugh Miller and the Cruise of the Betsey—That the Parliament welcomes and expresses interest in the Cruise of the Betsey, a tribute voyage to the work of Hugh Miller, a self-taught geologist who undertook a similar voyage 170 years ago and is credited with discovering, on the Isle of Eigg, fossilised bones of the plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile from the age of the dinosaurs; considers that the modern voyage, which is led by the Royal Scottish Geological (sic) [Should have been Geographical] Society and the Friends of Hugh Miller, is of value in inspiring young geologists and earth scientists, as well as celebrating the Hebridean islands’ landscapes, seascapes, and culture, and wishes all the crew of the vessel an enjoyable and informative voyage.

Follow the voyage for the next few weeks and beyond on the website HERE
And sign up to the Twitter feed @BetseyCruise14

Image: Alan Parkinson