Doing 'the knowledge'

Holiday catch-up Post 1
Thanks to So Shan Au for the tipoff to this excellent National Geographic article on the process of following and completing 'the knowledge' that London cabbies must do before they get their green badge that entitles them to operate within the Central London area of the GLNP*

Well worth a read... and click on the little slide show with audio a little down the page too...

The headline of it being 'the world's hardest geography test' seems to be about right.

Image made with Stamen Toner Map maker

Coming soon: a new resource on the RGS website which I have written, exploring how London has been mapped over the decades.

If you haven't been to the RGS website for a while you won't have seen this Britain from the Air resource which would provide a few ideas for teaching about the UK (with the new GCSE specs in mind...)