Google Teacher Academy London

Applications are now welcomed for the latest Google Teacher Academy in London.
It's taking place in October this year. You've got until the 22nd of September to apply.
There's quite a lengthy application process, which will need planning in advance, as the use of Google Forms means the whole thing has to be done in one go...

I attended, and did a brief presentation at a previous Google event specifically for Geographers in Dublin in 2012. You can see the site and resources that was produced for delegates here. 

I won't be applying, but it would be good to have plenty of geographers represented.
Good luck if you have a go.

I provided some advice and materials for the very first GTA that took place in the UK some years back, following lobbying by Tom Barrett and others, and have previously also created materials for the Google World Wonders website and early support for Google Earth users too.
Presenting in Dublin, picture courtesy of John Bailey