Make Geography while the sun shines....

Having geography withdrawal symptoms over the summer ?
Want to keep doing some place-based activities through August to keep your eye in ?
Here's a few suggestions for you to contribute as you make your way through the country or elsewhere on your summer break.

1. Time to Mission:Explore
Sign up to the website, or get one of our activity books and head out into the open to complete some of our missions. You can earn some virtual badges and rewards by submitting photos of what you get up to. We've updated the website.

2. Count butterflies
The Big Butterfly Count is taking place as part of fears that these creatures are disappearing as their habitat is lost or is changing. You can print off an ID guide, or enter your numbers on the website, or use the Big Butterfly Count app. I've been watching a few butterflies around the place so far today, and will be doing this the next time I'm outside for a long time. Fifteen minutes is all you need.

3. Buzz off
As with butterflies, there is a concern over the disappearance of bees, which are vital in pollinating our crops.
Download the free app.
For a couple of pounds, you can also get a useful poster showing the various bee species that students might encounter doing the count. Avoid if you are allergic to bee stings of course.

4. Brown field spotting
A rather different type of thing to spot is part of a campaign by the CPRE.
Can you spot a #wasteofspace
The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England has started a crowdsourced map of brownfield sites which could be redeveloped, rather than look to build on greenfield locations.

5. Visit your library
Go to your library and take out a book which has an outdoors theme... and read it outdoors. Special marks for reading a book that is set in a particular place in the actual place where it is

Libraries are also cool places to go, and if you don't visit them they may disappear...

6. Your ideas here....