Richard's still going 'all the way' to support Geography teachers...

Richard Allaway's site has been a feature of my teaching since it started, and it has been going from strength to strength.

Richard has just launched a new Twitter account for news updates which are relevant to the ongoing creation and updating of teaching materials.
Follow @gatwUpdates for the latest on the site.

A reminder that as the new school year starts and you want to prepare some useful resources, Richard has already done that for you. The details on the subscription rates are here if you haven't taken the plunge before and want to kick off the new year with an injection of fresh ideas.
You can also follow the Flipboard magazines that Richard curates.

IB Geography CPD courses are also offered in a range of cities, sometimes in association with the GA.

Here's Rich and I at the Aiguille du Midi a few years back...

And finally, it's worth reminding you that all KS3 resources and Humanities resources on the site are now freely accessible to all!