Shackleton Ales

Holiday catch-up post 4
After my previous Shackleton tweet
I came across these rather fine looking ales online...

They are made by the Great British Banjo company which is also inspired by the banjo which Shackleton ordered to be saved from the sinking 'Endurance' as he said the playing of it was 'vital mental medicine'.
And I heard about them from another connection: the From Fire to Ice twitter feed
The accompanying website describes the planned adventure of Robert Small, who was badly burned in a house fire, and underwent lengthy medical treatment to recover.

And finally, a few other Twitter feeds that are Shackleton related are shown below. Will be following these for the next few years as the events of a century ago unfold...


Happened to be in Norwich earlier in the month on another matter, and went to Jarrolds deli, where I procured two of the ales and a rather fine glass too... slainte...