Anatomy of an Earthquake

A new resource which is narrated by Professor Iain Stewart, and has been created in collaboration with NERC...
A great little resource

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A Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) film exploring the anatomy of an earthquake. What happens when a seismic hazard deep beneath the Earth's surface meets a vulnerable population above? And as people around the world continue to flock towards urban centres, how can our mega-cities prepare for the looming threat of a direct seismic strike?

Presented by: 
Professor Iain Stewart (Plymouth University)

Created by:
Shadow Industries 

Written by: 
Professor Iain Stewart (Plymouth University)
Luke Wilmot (Shadow Industries)
Tony Gilbert (Shadow Industries)
Alex Peel (NERC)

With thanks to:
Dr Susanne Sargeant (British Geological Survey)
Dr Roger Musson (British Geological Survey)

Created in partnership with the British Geological Survey and the Earthquakes Without Frontiers project.


Lauren Noakes said…
Thanks, from the team involved at BGS, for your positive review of this NERC video. We're really glad you enjoyed it. (care of
Lauren, BGS Communications Team)
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks Lauren. I hope it's the first of a number of resources that come out from this source.