Collins Blog features 'Extreme Survival'

'Extreme Survival' is featured on the Collins blog this month, and will apparently be in a Book of the Month feature soon.

My new Read On book, Extreme Survival, provides some guidance for those who might find themselves in life-threatening situations, along with a recounting of a number of dramatic real-life stories from around the world. Young readers will lover reading about the gripping near-death experiences of adventurers such as Joe Simpson, who crawled for six snowy miles with a smashed leg before reaching his climbing partner’s camp.

Some of the most famous stories of battling against extreme odds are linked with the Polar regions of our world. Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous boat journey to South Georgia after his ship sank still inspires people today. Robert Falcon Scott and his men, in common with many explorers at the time, chose to put their lives at risk in the name of science and exploration. Read On’s other book about our dangerous Earth, Race to the Pole, vividly retells their fateful ‘race’ against the Norwegian team, led by Roald Amundsen. Scott’s tale, which sadly didn’t have a ‘happy ending’, will surely be remembered and told for centuries to come.