Discovering Galapagos

This is a new resource from the RGS-IBG, who previously brought you the chance to Discover the Antarctica and also the Arctic. (Both being resources that I contributed to)
Galapagos is the new focus for the society.

This resource is aimed at Primary age as well as KS3, and has some useful KS2 materials for teachers to use.

It has been produced by the RGS-IBG in association with the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT)
Click the link for the special day on the Galapagos islands.

The website is really attractively put together and has some nice interactive mapping and other information on this amazing place.


Thank you for sharing this on your blog, much appreciated. Please send any comments or queries regarding the Discovering Galapagos resource to
Alan Parkinson said…
My pleasure - it's another great project supported by the RGS.
Will be sharing with Primary colleagues at a number of events and in a number of locations.