Sunday, 28 September 2014

Latest reading...

In the hunt for a book to read with the Year 7 groups, I came across Marcus Sedgwick's book 'Floodland', which came out in 2000, so is not a new book by any means.

The bonus is that the book is mostly set in Ely: an island again after global warming has caused the Polar ice caps to melt. The cathedral has become a refuge for the remaining residents, and they are led by a boy called Dooby who makes his home in one of the side chapels... perhaps this one shown with a copy of the book. When the book's heroine Zoe arrives, she finds a place of intrigue and fear, but is determined to escape and find her parents...

Coincidentally, in a few weeks' time, we have Marcus' brother Julian coming in to school to talk to students.

An engaging and readable book.

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