Queen Mary University and Greater London National Park

Earlier in the year, the Greater London National Park* was launched, the brainchild of Daniel Raven Ellison.
The website was launched, along with a petition which at the time of writing now has over 1000 signatures. The idea has been gaining a lot of support and we now have a large number of 'friends' who are supporting the idea.

Earlier today, I read about a very exciting project which teams Dan with Queen Mary University of London's Geography department.

This will involve undergraduates working to explore the city, and is described below...

This ‘Reimagine London’ project is a collaboration between the School of Geography and guerrilla geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison who is campaigning to have London designated as a national park. Acting as park rangers, the students will visit each of the capital’s 33 boroughs in groups and report back on their findings. Their explorations will be the basis for an exhibition of their work in the School of Geography at its Mile End Campus and then at City Hall in October.
Professor Catherine Nash has been leading the development of the project. “We wanted to get our new students out in the field as soon as possible to get to know London, get to know each other and to explore ideas and places in lively, imaginative and practical ways,” she said. “Their work will contribute to a debate around how people think about, enjoy and take care of this city, as well as help foster those special fieldwork skills common to geographers and environmental scientists. This is an important element of their studies and our location in east London puts us in the perfect position to research a whole host of geographical issues. We have Britain’s second-longest river running west to east across the capital, huge disparities in wealth and power in the city, and all kinds of local and London-wide initiatives engaging with environmental and social issues.”

* - a notional park

Also, congratulations to Dan for completing his StepUp challenge to climb the height of Mt Everest within London earlier today....