21st Century Challenges

One of the greatest challenges for teachers is finding up to date and authoritative teaching materials on some current issues.
One way of keeping up to date with what's out there is to subscribe to Living Geography of course.
From time to time, I discover that sites I was familiar with have undergone some substantial changes, and that happened recently with the RGS-IBG's 21st Century Challenges website.

This connects with events taking place at the RGS, and elsewhere.
There is now a rather fine SCHOOLS page, which has links to teaching resources on a great many challenges, and a poster set for the classroom.
The materials on Concreting the Countryside in particular are excellent, along with those on Water Sustainability, and Britain's Ageing population.

The site has a 60 second guides page too, with infographics such as the one below, which sums up the challenges.

Follow this link for a special PDF download of the infographic above. (PDF download)

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