Danny MacAskill - a collaborative geography resource

This video has had a few more views than the previous one.
When I posted this over on my teaching blog on the day it had been launched, it had already had over 100 000 views, and is now at almost three million and rising.

It's perfect for our Year 7 unit on Adventure Landscapes.

I showed the video yesterday, but its impact would have been greater with a proper piece of work to accompany it, so here's what I've planned so far.

I've started a Google Drive document on the video to try to build a collaborative Geography resource for using the video in the classroom.
Head over there and edit now if you have an idea for how it can be improved.

It's also embedded below so that you can see what I've done so far. If you have something to add to it or want to help out with the tables then please do....

This will also be featured in my SAGT Conference presentation at the end of the month.

Please note - this is only partly formed, and not the final resource...