Geograph was launched in 2005
The project aimed at getting a representative picture for each 1km grid square in Great Britain and Ireland.
Over 12 000 people have contributed well over 4 million images to the site.

I was contacted recently by Bob Harvey: one of the founders of Geograph, as part of a drive to recruit a whole new generation of photographers to add to the site, and increase its usefulness still further.
I've always made use of the site, and it got another mention in my recent resources created for the Ordnance Survey and EDINA's Digimap for Colleges service, and also in my presentations at the SAGT conference yesterday.

Perhaps it's time that you paid a visit to the website to see what's available.

The Geograph Flipboard page is a new feature which is worth subscribing to if you have a Flipboard account.
This features a range of recent and/or useful and notable images from the site, which are automatically fed in so that the magazine updates each day.

A few weeks ago, Noel Jenkins posted a very useful suggestion for how he used the site to develop a sense of PLACE with his students in Year 8.
You need to go and read this to get a sense for the usefulness of the images, and another quality idea from Noel.
This was another reminder, if one were needed to check out the site, and delve into the areas that you might not previously have visited, and then to CONTRIBUTE SOME OF YOUR OWN IMAGES....

You can also follow GEOGRAPH on Twitter (and get a daily image of interest into your Twitter feed)
I mentioned using the IMAGE DOWNLOAD option from the search (KML file generation) once again in my session at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers' Conference in Perth. It was back on 2005 that I first mentioned Geograph in my conference session there...

Image: Alan Parkinson