Kelpies and tourism

While up at SAGT Conference, I was able to take in the Kelpies.

These are two 30m tall metal sculptures of horse's heads, which have been erected as part of a regeneration project between Falkirk and the industrial area of Grangemouth.
Just up the road is the Falkirk Wheel, which we also visited, and which had a busy cafe and shop on what was a wet and windy late October day.

Tourism has been boosted in the area by these two attractions which are just a few miles apart.

The Kelpies are very impressive, and a visitor centre is being built for opening in 2015.
Here are a few pictures from my visit.:

Middle picture was due to vibration on mini-tripod I was using, so not made with a filter, but I like the effect...
Well worth a look if you're in Edinburgh and can get out that way...