SAGT Conference 2014 - post #3

Saturday saw the SAGT conference itself.

I was at the venue early, and helped with the process of setting up the exhibition area, which involved quite a few people I've worked with over the years.
Here are just some of the hundreds of jute bags packed with goodies (including a Tunnock's caramel wafer):
Up to the room where I was running my seminars, to set up (my presentation will be added in a future post) and discovered that there were a few technical issues which meant a slight change of plan in my session.
This meant that I missed the SAGT awards ceremony.
It turned out that my name was mentioned though, as the Pole of Cold resource that I had written earlier in the year for the RGS-IBG was the winner of the non-book award...

Managed to get a photo with the award certificate later in the day...

After the award, it was time for the morning session....