SAGT Conference 2014 - post #4

As always, the SAGT delegate bags had a range of excellent freebies and leaflets, including bottled water, Tunnocks' Caramel Wafer, a Digimap for Schools ruler, a SEPA pen and some jam...

There were also leaflets which provided lots of useful links to opportunities for teachers in Scotland in particular. Here are some details for those Scottish (and other) colleagues who may not be aware of them...

These included a useful leaflet on the Forth Replacement Crossing, which I saw being built while crossing the Forth Rail Bridge. An Education Centre has been built which provides sessions themed around the construction of the bridge.

SQA had provided lots of exam maps and papers, with more to collect for those who needed to top up. Some useful exam maps and other documents were available in all the bags.

There was a leaflet describing a film competition which is open to Scottish schools. It's the National Countryside Film Competition for Schools.
Also a leaflet on the John Muir Award. We had our Mission:Explore John Muir Trust resource mentioned too.

There were free books to collect from several of the stands, and leaflets from many of the exhibitors.

There was also a copy of the latest 'Geographer' magazine from the RSGS, themed on flooding. This is sent to all members, and is very useful.

Leaflets included Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh (well worth a visit), information on the Cairngorms National Park, details on the Young Placemakers' project, a volcano poster from Discover the World, FSC Scotland courses, Commonwealth Games details, an EDINA Digimap for Schools resource that I helped to create, SUSTRANS resources on the school journey, SCRAN and Forestry Commission Scotland leaflets, and details from several universities.
One interesting leaflet was from Staffordshire University, which offers a BSc (Hons) Geography course with Mountain Leadership  (Course F8X3)

I also liked the IMBY project ('In my backyard')