Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground is a new project website related to an area called Breckland.

I live in Breckland.

The Brecks is a little known pocket of East Anglia; a unique and distinctive landscape just waiting to be explored. For many people, however, it remains an area to be viewed from their car window as they pass through on their way to the coast.  Stretching across the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, it spans an area of 393sq.miles/1019 sq.kilometers.
"Of all the 'wild' parts of Norfolk, it is the most enigmatic and the hardest to get to grips with"
Simon Harrap
The Brecks story begins with ice; a series of glaciations which planed the surface of the land down. By the end of the last ice age the area was a sandy windswept tundra, with thin, poor soils. As the climate warmed, the area gradually filled out with woodland. During the Bronze Age, man began to clear areas for grazing and cultivation, but the poor soils weren't good for much, infact they were only suited to sheep and rabbit grazing. 
"So for hundreds and hundreds of years The Brecks was nothing but sand and bunnies".
Nick Acheson, NWT

The website is a one-stop hub for all 37 projects to be delivered through the Breaking New Ground (BNG) scheme. From the restoration of pingo ponds and wildlife recording, to enchanted forest and craft skills events, it’s going to be a busy three years in the Brecks!
Visitors to the website will find a wealth of information, regular news items and useful links, as well as competitions, stunning images, and plenty of ways to get involved. Why not learn something exciting and new on one of many ‘have-a-go activities, courses or day-schools; come to our exciting events; or get ‘stuck in’ with a choice of volunteering opportunities? The website will also feature video-clips, downloadable resources and trails, links to research data and augmented reality apps, all celebrating the history and natural riches of the Brecks.

Check it out...
Is there something like this for the area where you live ? 
Could you and your students create it perhaps ?