Discover the World Inspection Visit in April 2015

An excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to see the impact of a volcanic eruption close-up and also get a chance to see areas of Iceland which most tours don't visit.
Discover the World has put together a really impressive looking tour which explores parts of Iceland that tours with schools don't normally get to... it takes place in April 2015, and there are discounts for GA members.

The lava field is now the size of Manhattan apparently...

Details here

Experts say that the Holuhraun fissure eruption at Bardarbunga could last for several years or stop any moment. As no one knows for sure, we have developed a new suggested itinerary which could enable your students to experience first-hand one of the most geographically awe inspiring events on the planet – a volcanic eruption. By travelling with Discover the World we will do everything we can to get your students to see the eruption from a safe distance allowing them to relate what they have learned in the classroom to a live case study. However, in the event that the volcanic activity ceases, then your students will still be able to explore the magnificent North Iceland whilst learning about the affects the recent volcanic activity has had on the local area. The suggested itinerary also includes visits to Dettifoss, (Europe’s most powerful waterfall) the stunning volcanic region of Lake Myvatn, the Blue Lagoon of the North as well as many of South Iceland’s top attractions.

The trip includes a rather splendid chance to visit a brand new tourist attraction which opens the following month: a tunnel through a glacier....