Gold disc....

Just caught up with episode 3 of Brian Cox's new series: 'Human Universe'.

It starts with a rather splendid analogy of the Earth's potential isolation in the Solar System using the example of Easter Island, which also showed the importance of the lifespan of any civilisation, and the fact that any contact needs to be within a timeframe when it is capable of responding and communicating.
It included a mention of the Voyager probe, which was launched into the Solar system as part of an effort to communicate with other civilisations, in the most 'likely' direction that we thought we would find other earth-like planets. Attached to the side of Voyager was a gold disc, part of which is shown on the image below:

One element of the golden disc was that it contained a range of images and sounds of the Earth.

I used this as the basis for an activity which I wrote during the summer for the GA's Global Learning Programme.

The full Global Learning Programme CPD course with this activity will be going 'live' on the GA website soon as part of the update to the whole site.

If you have chance to catch the programme before it disappears off iPlayer I would recommend it....
There is also a book of the series out... just in time for Christmas...