Mystery booklet

I recently took delivery of a mystery booklet.

It has a lot of geography packed into it.

Each page features a weather symbol: the weather changes from cloudy to rainy and back again as you flick through the booklet.
It has a burgundy cover with gold embossed writing.

It has a picture of me in the front.

Each double page features a different type of habitat or environment in the UK.
These include:
Reedbed (with a picture of Cley Windmill)
Geological Formation (with the Giant's Causeway and Durdle Door)
Coastal Cliff (chalk cliff and some groynes)
Fishing village (with boats, and fishing nets and lobster pots)
Beach (with beach huts in the dunes)
Canal (narrowboat and lock gates)
Village green (with thatched cottages and a duck pond)
Formal park (with planting and a sundial)
Woodland (with close-ups of leaves)
Lake (and fish)
River (with leaping salmon)
Moorland (edged by dry stone walls and with a wind-shaped tree)
Mountain (and owl)

Already started thinking about what might be missing, or whether students could design some alternative / additional pages for it...

Can you guess what this booklet is ?


Will Tuft said…
I also received one of these mystery booklets!
Alan Parkinson said…
What, with a picture of me in the front ? ;)

Thanks for keeping the mystery alive :)