Pole of Cold - new book coming out at the end of the month...

A new book coming at the end of the month which looks rather wonderful...

What does it sound like when breath freezes? How do you start a car when it is so cold that fuel turns to wax? How do people live without the sun for half of the year? What is it like to use river ice as a road and what happens when it melts? Curiosity about the day-to-day reality of life at the extremes of climate inspired a 36,000 kilometre journey that chased the onset of winter from London, across Scandinavia and Siberia, to the Pole of Cold - the coldest permanently inhabited place in the world. 

This collection of stunning photographs and evocative stories gathered during the journey provides insight into the social, cultural and physical implications of winter as perceived by communities that live in some of the harshest environments on the planet.
An A4, hardback book with full-colour images. 
Edited by Paul Deegan.