Cley futures

Yesterday, I went over to Cley next the Sea, a short drive north from where I live to the North Norfolk Coast. I met with David North, who wrote the excellent 'Elements of the North Norfolk Coast' to discuss some ideas for the new Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre which is due to open in 2015. A new community Education officer has been appointed, and we discussed some ideas for using the new centre with local schools, and an adult audience.

David took me on a tour round the reserve, and helped me to identify some of the many bird species that were spending some time there. He showed me the new area of Pope's Marsh, and the impact of the Storm surge in December 2013, and the tragic helicopter crash on the shingle ridge. I learned a huge amount about the management of water across the marsh, plans for the new area of marsh, lead shot pollution in ponds, the idea of the 'Living Coast' and the new shingle ridges. We stood on the shingle beach, visited the hides to look at widgeon and marsh harriers, and saw hundreds of Pink-footed geese flying over. A really nice way to spend the first Monday of my holidays, and talk about how I can continue to support the developments in 2015.

Images by Alan Parkinson