GeoCapabilities 2 - Brussels meeting and Online platforms

The last few days of last week were spent in Brussels for a meeting related to the GeoCapabilities project that I've got involved in...
It's a project which explores the impact that learning Geography has on students beyond the skills and knowledge that are gained.
How does it help add something to their life 'capabilities' or 'capacities'... what does it enable them to do? How can we plan a curriculum so that it provides opportunities for these capabilities to be developed ?
GeoCapabilities is an EU wide project and involves teachers from all over the EU.

GeoCapabilities website is now up and we are also on Twitter +GeoCapabilities 2

One of the jobs that I have is to develop a series of courses online.

Have you taken part in any courses using online platforms ? 

Any thoughts you have on any of the platforms below would be appreciated - or let me know if I've missed a good one off the list...