King's Ely in the Independent

It was good to see a long piece on King's Ely, where I work, in the Independent newspaper at the end of last week.
The report focussed on the school's use of technology, and said some very nice things about what we do, and mentioned some work done by specific teachers.

Read the report HERE.

Good to see some of my colleagues featuring in the article for their work on Good2Go and the International Schools Award.

A few quotes...

The King's School, gaining a reputation as one of the leading exponents of using modern technology in the classroom – a mix of ancient and modern, if you like.

"Lots of schools teach children from three to 18 – but we have made it so the educational provision is just continuing all the way through. I have heard it said that sometimes schools can lose six months in progress in the transition between primary and secondary school. That won't happen here – we move seamlessly from one year to the next year."
And, it would seem, they also move just as seamlessly from the ancient world of academe to the new world of technology."


Richard Greaves said…
Interesting read and the piece paints a good picture of the school but doesn't say much about the technology in use, other than the unnamed "app". It would be nice to know more details about the technology.