RGS Study day for A2 students

At the start of last week, I was down to London. Around 250 ‘A’ level students and their teachers converged on the RGS-IBG on Monday for an A2 Study Day.
Steve Brace introduced the day, by sharing some possible definitions of geography, including one aimed at ‘the language of landscapes’. He also stressed the growing demand for places on undergraduate geography courses , and the need for good exam grades, as well as a personal choice of how to spend the next three years of students’ lives. He also shared some information on the future employability of geographers.
The day was set out as a series of workshops, on exam-based themes, which ran several times during the day.

We had lectures from a number of folks including David Holmes, Simon Oakes and Alasdair Pinkerton.
Plenty of interest, and also good to bump into a few geography chums down there.
There is another event in the New Year, and we are planning to go back for other future events of this kind. For details of events like this, visit the RGS-IBG page.

There are also events for teachers of course.