Ten years after the Tsunami

On Boxing Day 2004, the news started to come through about a large earthquake in Indonesia, which generated a large tsunami which spread across the surrounding oceans.
There is no doubt going to be plenty of coverage of the anniversary of the event.
Over 200 000 people died as a result of the disaster.
Some useful resources include David Drake's collection of resources, which is a perfect place to start.
A new BBC video and some before and after series of images have also been released.

Other stories include the spread of debris around the world, and the way that the disaster led to a new warning system which means that people are now safer than ever.

The event was also a catalyst for change in my teaching, and opened up new ideas for the teaching of risk and hazards beyond the obvious change in the case studies that many schools used. The first week back at school included a range of assemblies and fund raising and the previous geography topics were abandoned as we dealt with students' curiosity and concern about the background to the event.

Latterly, we have talked about the event, and used the film 'The Impossible'.

The Telegraph has released an interactive explaining how events unfolded.