GA Conference 2015

The programme for the GA Conference 2015 has been released, and it's already looking like being a packed 3 days in Manchester.
My place is booked.
I'm taking part in a few sessions, and looking forward to seeing lots of others.

You can download the programmes from the GA website.

As usual on Thursday, there is the Public lecture, and the GA Awards.

David Collins, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Salford, will give this year’s public lecture on ‘Climate change, glacier decline and water resources’. Glacier-fed rivers are important water resources, especially for hydropower and irrigation, but glaciers are continuing to decline from maximum extents recorded in the 1860s. Following climatic warming, glacier river flows will first increase but then decrease.
How much and for how long can increased meltwater production from warming offset declining ice area for melting?

Other highlights identified....
  • Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography (Oxford University) will be presenting this year’s Keynote Address on ‘The Geography of Elections: Will the 40 year rise in of voting polarization continue this May?'
  • Special event for students and NQTs with keynote lecture by David Leat, Professor of Curriculum Innovation (Newcastle University) on ‘Back to the Future - Reinventing the Curriculum in a Digital Age’
  • Professor Katie Willis (Royal Holloway) on the geographical perspectives of development
  • Hands-on IT workshop on app-making in geography
  • A knowledge update session on cooler China
This year, for the first time there is also a Teachmeet being organised on the Friday evening, which will be followed by the Beermeet.

I've just taken the Friday from the programme for example, and highlighted things which are of particular interest to me... that's not to say that all of the sessions aren't interesting, but I have a particular connection to these...

As you can see there's lots to attract you to Manchester... and believe it me it takes a lot to attract me to Manchester for three days...

First session:

Assessing the new curriculum is an area for many schools to focus on. How are you doing it ? David Gardner used to work for QCDA so should know what the latest thinking is.

Digital Earth is a project I've been involved with at various times over the last few years, and it's always good to hear Karl speak. You can see some of the documents that I contributed to here.

Simon Renshaw and other colleagues from the GA's Secondary Committee are presenting this session on hinge questioning.

Paul Turner published a great free eBook last year, and had the good taste to give me a mention, so he gets one here.

The Presidential Lecture is always worth hearing, and it's good to be in a lecture theatre with so many other geographers...

I shall be working on the GeoCapabilities for the next few years, and will try to visit this session. it is billed as a Research paper, but is actually a presentation / workshop.

Leo Houlding's session will be excellent and exciting...

John Lyon's fieldwork session is a repeat of one he did with Paula Owens last week at the Association for Science Education conference. 2015 is the Year of Fieldwork, so time to get involved. Don't forget there's an excellent book published by the GA as well.

Mobile devices are increasingly used in schools, and the GA's ICT SIG session looks like being very useful.

I'm also interested in the Earth in Vision project too, and how it is developing. This is an OU project, and I was invited to be part of it, but couldn't due to other commitments.

Another packed session after lunch....

Bob Digby explores how we can assess enquiry work.

Richard Bustin, a fellow GeoCapabilities teacher is always worth listening to and he'll be sharing some tools to resource the new curriculum.

I've followed Jamie Woodward for a while now on Twitter. He's the author of the 'Very Short Introduction to the Ice Age'. Glaciation is on the new KS3, so this is likely to be a very popular session.

Darren Bailey will share the latest ideas on Digimap for Schools. In the last few years, I've worked on materials for Digimap for Schools, Digimap for Colleges, and the OS MapStream products, along with other OS related consultancy.

Bethan Harries is another SPC colleague, and the double workshop is one I'll be popping in to near the end to share some of the work that we've been doing.

However, up against all of that is my HoD, Claire and I....

We're going to be talking about our Geography department and what we do....

Lecture 6...

This is just a few hours-worth of the conference.... there's the rest of Friday, a whole other day, and the evening events before...
Have you got your ticket booked yet ?