Werner Herzog's 'rules'

Some years ago, I completed an interesting project which was to produce some teaching materials for a new Werner Herzog film.
It was called 'Encounters at the End of the World' and described a trip to Antarctica, to meet some of the people who lived and worked at the end of the world... It was characteristically interesting and challenging in its style and structure.

Herzog is a very interesting character, and a film director who has been controversial at times. Many years ago I bought his book 'Walking in Ice' where he describes a walk made to a friend who was ill, in the depths of winter. He felt that the act of walking to her, rather than just driving, would keep her alive...
He's also revealed his 24 maxims...
Read his ideas here.

Some of these might be seen as being relevant to teaching too...
- "Day one is the point of no return"
- "Develop your own voice"
- "Guerilla tactics are best"