Desire lines and the curriculum

I was interested in this post by James Theobald, on the nature of curriculum making.

It mentions the notion of desire lines: a geographical idea in themselves.

Rather than taking the designated route, it is created by people who choose the route they want to, and having blazed this trail, other people see them doing this, and think that perhaps it's worth going that way too...

Over time, will teachers choose their own route through the curriculum documents?

Which route will become the 'preferred route' for teaching particular topics ? (especially those that have recently been added ?)

One of the things I'm doing over the next few months is walking backwards and forwards across the newly grown grass of the new KS4 specifications (coming out around Easter) to see whether the book that I am co-writing might become the preferred route for thousands of teachers... come and follow me...

More on this will be shared with teachers over the next few months as I do some travelling around the country to work with colleagues... and finish off the chapters of the book that I have to write...

Image: Alan Parkinson