Do you have a worldly mind ?

A new app for iPhone and iPad can help you develop yours...
It is better on the iPad because of the larger screen size.

It's called WORLDLY MIND, and is free.
Link takes to iOS store, but is also available on Android.
It contains a range of screens, with information and mapping about the countries of the world.

From the app description:

Learn countries and their human geography of the world. Know the location of countries quiz. Study and guess the flags with the national flags quiz for fun. Take all the geography quizzes – know foreign cities with the countries and their capitals quiz. What about the religions of the world? Or about a countries currency? We have the most comprehensive world geography trivia available.

Specific Human Geography Elements - Country, Capital City, Area, Life Expectancy, Standard Time GMT/UTC Offset, Location Maps, In-Country Maps, Flags, Industries, Crops, Population Chart, Population Total, Percentage Urban, Official Languages, Male and Female Literacy, Currency, US Dollar Equivalent, International Trade, Avg. Income PerDay, Religion and percent of population, Percentage of GDP by Sector - And that is all with No Internet Access! With Access you can reach additional information for each country!