Geography Teacher Educator's Conference 2015 - the final day

The final post from the GTE for 2015
Up for another good breakfast and discussions on future work on GeoCapabilities project.
Sunday morning's sessions were on the theme of Curriculum.

I was particularly interested in these.

David Mitchell from the IoE talked about his research on curriculum in schools, based on interviews with a number of teachers based in London. I liked his use of 4 'types' of curriculum makers, and how it connected with the head of department's particular decision-making and lesson-planning style in some cases.

There was also a very useful set of materials from David Gardner, who talked about the issue of assessing the new curriculum now that levels have been removed. More of David's work will be released onto the GA website in due time.

The presentations that were used at the event will be available in the next few months on the GA website on the page above

You can already see the presentation that Duncan Hawley and I used, to introduce the GeoCapabilities project, which is below, and has now been seen over 500 times: