Geography Teacher Educators' Conference 2015 - the first evening...

The annual GTE conference is an excellent event, and one which I've attended in several guises over the years. Through my work over the last decade, I know many of the people who attend, and have worked with a lot of them too.
This year, the event is being organised by Roger Firth at the University of Oxford.
The first evening of the conference was last night at a hotel in Iffley, on the edge of the city.

David Lambert talked about the GA's manifesto, and introduced the idea of Michael Young's work on the curriculum.
He talked about the 3 'Futures'

Future 3 curriculum is at the heart of the work on the GeoCapabilities project.

Duncan Hawley and myself were next up.
We presented on the project using the slides that are in a previous blog post. More to come on this in some future posts...

Eleanor Rawling then talked about her involvement in the development of curriculum documents over the last ten years, and recent work as the lead consultant on Geography for the DfE. I was interested in her observation of how the curriculum documents were developed. Plenty of influences coming to play to shape the final text and structure....

After lunch, we had a talk from Professor Danny Dorling.
He talked about inequality, but through the lens of having visited lots of schools, and his observations on the types of schools that invited him to speak.

You can hear the session below as it happens, with thanks to Ben Hennig for sending that through.